Tuesday, June 19, 2012

where have all the flowers gone?

photos from Dazed and Confused June 2011 but found on fashiongonerogue.com
Photography: Lina Scheynius
Styling: Kate Shillingford
Models: Liu Xu @ Esee & Lee Hyun Yi @ Silent

My taste in editorials is so consistent; I'm sorry if it bores you. The similarity between the photos above and the ones here are obvious. There is a reoccurring theme of open fields, flowers, girl fabrics, trees, and a sense of relief and release. Maybe someday my taste will broaden but for now it is all neverending acres upon acres with a hint of a dreamer's aesthetic. These photos depict a pretty unrealistic life of being lazy and rolling around in the meadows, a life we all wish we had. Maybe you and your best friend do have the time to be as careless as Liu Xu and Lee Hyun Yi are in this editorial. However, every Summer we all dream for the best to happen. We view the beloved season as an opportunity to grow and return as a different person in September. I hate to be the messenger of reality but we all know that our fantasies usually fade away by the first week of July. So instead of setting impractical goals for yourself I have done you the favor and created a list of ways to enjoy your time off. This little list was inspired by 4rt f4rt's very own series titled The Loser's Guide To A Good Summer. Without further ado I present to you the fashion enthusiast's guide to a good summer: 


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Allie said...

love fashion, but don't always have the time to look at new collections. you make it easy for me. favorite has to be the 6th.