Sunday, June 03, 2012

shorty short shorts

psychedelicize suburbia

A pretty cutesy-hippie outfit inspired by Wildfox's Fall 2011 campaign. For those days when you want to release your inner flower child throw on your old groovy flower power shorts you last wore when you were 5 years old (and for good reason). Take a trip back to the early 70's while wearing your classic Kork-Ease sandals. 

celine me alone

In theory this outfit is simple: white logo tee, denim shorts, friendship bracelet, black bag, and converse.  But these Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony shorts are growing their own mini peplum in ways peplums have never grown before! Leather! Ruffled! Laser cut! Oh my! If you have the feeling your plumber's crack is out your belted Alexander Wang bag will really come in handy.
It's always looks great when one wears an all black ensemble with those few cray accessories. And yea, it's another item you had when you were 5 years old. Jelly shoes. Super uncomfortable but apparently super stylish. I'm also positive my favorite Barbie had that exact same tote bag. 
This outfit screams "STOP SHOWING OFF!" Okay, we get it. You somehow make your Nike's look cool and your bag is not only extremely white and clean, but it's also Chanel. You are either a tourist or wearing your little brother's swim trunks. But your hat tells them the answer: 'NO.' You are an adoring Stella McCartney fan of course! 
P.S. I realize that this outfit is athletic-inspired. Imagine going to the gym in this. Imagine running on the treadmill in thisDon't even get me started, gurlfran.

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