Sunday, June 10, 2012

the curse of being young

Wasteland flower crown, vintage sheer thingy, H&M dress, Jeffrey Campbell wedges

Every Spring/Summer our wardrobes evolve into relaxed carefree draping fabrics. And every Spring/Summer florals are in. We see literal florals on top of a music lover's head at places like Coachella and Glastonbury but this year designers have taken this typically festival-centered trend and created it for the average shopper. People like you and me who can't afford to spend $10,000 a year in advance on tickets to ridiculous festivals where the lineup isn't even announced yet can now have an excuse to wear them! (Apparently wearing a flower crown means you are the Queen of Run-On Sentences)

 God bless Lana del Rey. JK. Although Lana does sport some banging flower crowns, I'm simply not a fan of her music.

On another floral related note, I had been on the hunt for the perfect little floral dress for years. I have finally found the one at the mega H&M on 5th. The best part is it only costed $12.99. Do you know what $12.99 could get you at Coachella? Probably like a piece of grass. 

So take these upcoming months as an excuse to grow out your hair and let out your inner flower child for Summer is finally (almost) upon us. 

Also, enjoy this little mixtape for when you don't get a haircut and you do go swim by the lake with your best friends. The songs are very whimsical and lull if I do say so myself.


Deppa said...

Beautiful beautiful dress.
Honestly too short for me, but you are looking lovely :)

See you.

Kaleido Mind said...

love how playful this is!

jenni said...

The sheery thingy adds a nice layer to the lovely outfit!

Mayra Ramirez said...

adoro tus zapatos..lindo blog encantaria seguirte!!

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