Saturday, March 31, 2012

i-Sustain IX


Photography: Kerry Dean
Styling: Sam Willoughby
Models: Annie @ M&P & Felix @ Elite

These photos are the 9th part of an uncompleted 12 part series by i-D magazine. They "intend to change the way you buy and wear fashion". Click here to view the entirety of part 9 and click here to view all previous parts.
My favorite part of the year has always been when the cherry blossom tree on the corner of our land would begin to bloom. The bare branches grew into white petals which soon flourish into tiny pink flowers. The cherry blossom tree was destroyed this August because of Hurricane Irene (damn nature, you scary). This late winter I missed seeing the tree in its sublime development phase. When I came across this editorial it hit home real hard. The way i-D uses the tree as a prop in all of its beauty is respectable. Annie and Felix only add to the perfection with their carefree relaxed poses and facial expressions. 


Jess said...

Absolutely adore this series. & that's so cute about your blossom tree. We have one in my garden & every year it used to bloom on my birthday... Someone hacked it to pieces but it still tries!

Arruda said...

Love the tree blossoming! Beautiful pictures! well done :)


just tututiny said...

so pretty!
Please check out my blog when you have time, thanks so much!

Tatj said...

I love these photographs (especially the 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, and 9), I love the atmosphere, the colors, and the models - especially Felix who was one of my favorite. Brief, I like it.