Saturday, March 10, 2012

isabel marant fall 2012

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Miss Isabel Marant always displays an obvious theme on the runway. This season it was "Go West, young [wo]man." Isabel created one of the most unique and wearable collections with the perfect combination of Parisian Chic and Westward Expansion. It's like if Clint Eastwood's past costumes and Audrey Tautou had a baby. There's some fringe and frills here and there, but what really takes the cake are the awesome pants. They're all perfectly cropped, detailed, and embellished. These pants are available in rustic red leather, pink denim, grey suede, or the classic Catwoman black leather. Be prepared to break out those hilarious and dated cowboy boots you bought in 2004 and haven't worn since. 


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seascaped said...

i love the color scheme