Monday, April 09, 2012

coachella fix


Besides the Acne jacket, most of the items in this lil collage are pretty attainable or at least you can interpret using items you already own. I'm sure you have some high tops or colored jean shorts from Forever 21 lying around. And yes we all want that Acne jacket, so why not do a DIY? Go out to Forever 21, buy an oversized jean jacket for about 40 cents, grab your nearest machete and go to town on that thing. 
My message for you Coachella 2012 attendees is to keep it practical. Don't channel your inner hippy dippy princess by wearing a floor length floral button down dress (although that does sound awesome). Go for some cute shorts and a tank top. You don't need to dress like Penny Lane. You're in the middle of a freakin' desert. 
set you free by the black keys.alex by girls.crying lightening by arctic monkeys.karma police by radiohead.for emma, forever ago by bon iver.die by girls.simple song by the shins.animal by miike come you never go there by feist.lotus flower by radiohead.surgeon by st.vincent.i've got friends by manchester orchestra.norgaard by the vaccines.tongue tied by grouplove.breaking down by florence and the's real by real estate

Here is a mixtape made up of the bands I would go see if I were going to Coachella. Listen to it, download the songs, burn it onto a CD, and listen to it 50 times on repeat on your drive to the festival. Or not, I'm not really in a place to tell you what to do. 

Oh, and one more thing: whatever you do, DO NOT FORGET DEODORANT



seascaped said...

i love these outfits, can't wait for coachella too!

seascaped said...
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Lexi said...

Love the skull bracelets + I SO wish I was going to Coachella!
♡ Lexi
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Wonder Woman said...

Love those heart sunglasses!

Brad said...

Anyone know where I can get a leather jacket like Dan from the Black Keys wore at their performance? A good friend of mine is in love with it and I'd love to be able to help her out.
Any assistance would be super appreciated. :0)