Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ashish spring 2012


I know what you're all thinking...

But come on people, think about this:
Ashish Gupta took the most overused spring trend of all time and turned it into something to get extremely excited about. We're talking sequined florals. And not just in an evening gown kind of way. 
He somehow made it look so casual.  It's like your Grandmother's nightie took a trip back to Studio 54.
And don't even get me started on those shoes. 
I thought I loved combat boots until I saw combat boots with flowers in them and I realized I really loved combat boots.
So while you sit at home and dread the snow just think of that amazing sequin floral spaghetti strapped maxi dress you're planning on owning for your Spring wardrobe. And maybe, just maybe, March 20th will arrive faster. 


Matthew Lima said...

spring is around the corner ! i can feel it!

Awesome blog!

Matthew Lima

Clara Turbay said...

good and stylish ideas.



Love the florals!


DailyGlamour said...


Mickey said...

I would soooo wear those daisy prints! Love the brick skirt too! Xo I'm following you too on bloglovin!


LeSimple said...

great flowers


Luna S said...

the flowers tucked in the boots is one of the most original things i've seen on the runway and i absolutely love it! thanks for stopping by lunaoffduty!

new post!

graphitree said...

i like it!! xx

little moon lover said...

loving it!!!

Kelly Love said...

I agree flowers, how original... haha but this is just to good!!!!! I love.

Kelly Love

We Can Pretend said...

thanks for the comment...I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS by the way!!! what an amazing collection