Sunday, October 30, 2011

teen vogue fashion u (III)

With my friend Maya of Girl Loves Color

wearing: Urban Outfitters kimono, American Apparel tank top, H&M shorts, Steve by Steve Madden loafers

The last outfit of one of the most memorable weekends of my life.
These loafers are my new best friend for two reasons:
1. When the boy sitting next to me asked me if they were from Barney's
2. When Andrew Bevan complimented them and said he has 3 pairs of leopard print shoes himself


fashion kats said...

Love your loafers!! amazing!

Odelia Kaly said...

That's so cool Beryl!!
How do you apply for this? It sounds so freaking incredible. I really want to apply for next year!


Helena said...

Amazing outfit!
I love your shoes!!!
Fantastic blog :)


kcomekarolina said...


xoxo from rome

Sarah Et Paris said...

That's so awesome!! Did you they give you any good advice about getting into the fashion industry ?

Dagmara said...

Ah you look so cute! I wanted to go to TeenVogue Y so bad! Ah. Can't wait to meet up, got your email!


Ashley Isaacs said...

love the shoes!!!!!Your adorable!!! Im now following your blog.....hope you'll follow mine:))